Modern Concept of teaching

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what COUNTS is best.”

In today’s classrooms it is essential or rather say, mandatory to teach far more than just the academics. As educators our job is to help children become responsible citizens who care about the world around them. It is necessary that children learn values such as tolerance and respect for fellow citizens.

We need to teach children about diversity and celebrating the differences among us. Children also need to learn how to empathize with others, manage their own thoughts and emotions, and make responsible decisions based on social norms and personal integrity and also take up the responsibility of their actions.
This may sound abstract and unreal. But these three tips will help you to turn this into reality.

1. Change your behaviour to what you expect from children. Be the role model for them.
2. State clear examples of good attitude through discussion on the life of great personalities
3. Provide real situations where the values can be demonstrated. For instance, a visit to an old age home.

Let us help society by moulding and shaping the future of tomorrow. At the end of the day the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the teachers.

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