Importance of Trees in our lives.

Trees are a significant element in our lives. Not just significant but call it essential. It’s hard to imagine survival without trees and plants. The whole ecosystem relies on trees. The genesis of the food chain begins from plants. We get oxygen from trees. We see trees all around us. Greenery is so soothing to one’s health, one’s being. The most common ones we see around us are the banyan tree, neem tree, mango tree, peepal tree. The common plants could be similarly, Tulsi plant, aloe vera plant, Amla plant etc. Plants and trees make our lives smoother.

  • Trees provide the environment with oxygen. Oxygen is something very vital for one’s living. It’s impossible to survive without oxygen. Trees consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
  • A lot of plants and trees have medicinal properties. A lot of herbs are used for treatments. The universal example could be of Tulsi and aloe vera plant.
  • Trees make the environment a better place. Lack of trees causes lacunae of oxygen in the air. That could be hazardous.
  • Trees save us from the flood. And excessive water from rain could be soaked by the roots of the trees embedded in the soil. The absence of trees makes a situation for floods.
  • Trees are also a source of food. We get several things from trees we consume in our daily lives. Fruits, cereals, vegetables, cotton, etc- all of these things are derived from trees.
  • The wood is multi-purposeful. Furniture, houses are made of wood.
  • Living without trees is an impossible situation not just for humans, but for all species.

    Deforestation- Cutting down of the trees


    In this process of humanization of nature, the man is likely to alter various things. The man is cutting down trees to establish livelihood, settlements, industries. The deforestation rates are alarming, causing a threat to the sustainability of the environment and endangering wildlife.

    Trees are being cut down due to man-made purposes, they’re scarce now. There’s a need for modulation.

    Cutting down of trees should be reduced, seeing how essential it is for human survival as well as for the entire ecosystem.

    Let’s plant trees again. Afforestation


    Initiatives could be taken up to plant trees again. The process of planting trees is called afforestation. Growing more trees would be a wise thing to do. It would help in fighting with a major environmental crisis and making lives more efficient and productive. We have to plant trees for the sustainability of the upcoming generations.

    Let’s pledge to make our environment full of foliage and trees.

    Conclusion of the Essay

    Trees are a vital part of our lives, our environment. They can’t be mercilessly cut and recklessly handled. Making use of trees is wise but exploiting them isn’t. There’s a need for spreading awareness about how greenery in our environment is a must thing. We desire factories but we should equally think about trees.

    All of us should be vigilant citizens and enthusiastically participate in making the world a better place to live in.


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