Unfriending Fear

Language is a very powerful means of communication. God has given us the ability to keep in touch with our fellow- beings through this instrument. We are able to exchange ideas, open up our hearts, learn poetry intelligently and appreciate fine arts with the help of this tool.
In the animal kingdom, sounds communicate indicating excitement, fear, warning, anger, sorrow etc. In pre historic times even human beings resorted to sounds and sign language to interact with one another. . Perhaps there was no need for elaborate forms of communication.
Gradually, as we became more civilized the need for an advanced form of communication was strongly felt by the people. Then language skills started to develop.
Today language is a marker of civilizational growth. People are keen on honing their fluency and learning new languages. Mastering a language requires sustained effort like reading and speaking practice. One needs to build self confidence by overcoming the fear of making mistakes. Knowledge of a language, especially English in present times, is a passport to success.
Since English is considered a universal language, all are eager to be fluent in English-language.
In the modern age we have made use of the basic human faculty of conveying and exchanging our concepts through vocal expression in spoken, written and electronic forms.
Students of today need to possess valuable skills such as collaboration and team work. Language skills equip them to meet the demands and opportunities of today’s world.
Again, in interviews where group discussion has become an integral part, candidates are assessed on their fluency and vocabulary which once more emphasises the need for language proficiency.
Largely, fear is at the bottom of communication. The fear of going wrong, of being misunderstood, of faulty pronunciation the anxieties are endless. Once a person is determined to challenge these nameless fears, the battle is half won .
The fear factor should never come into the picture. With self confidence any person who aspires to master any language can definitely succeed.